British Glass Biennale

I have recently been selected to chair the jury that will select the pieces comprising the 2017 British Glass Biennale. This exhibition is central to the International Festival of Glass held every other year at the Ruskin Mill in Stourbridge. The Biennale will once again be curated by Matt Durran and will open to the public on August 25, 2017. For more information about the Biennale and the IFG, please visit: http://www.biennale.org.uk/

Bertil Vallien’s Passage in Glass Quarterly

In May 2016 I traveled to Sweden to witness the creation of a major sculptural work by Bertil Vallien at the Kosta Boda factory, which will be exhibited this month through the Hawk Galleries at SOFA Chicago. My account of that trip, which includes a look at the changing fortunes of Kosta Boda, will be published as the cover article, titled “The Navigator,” in the Winter issue of Glass Quarterly (www.urbanglass.org/glass).

Rosemary James Memorial Award update

This £15,000 bursary from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland in late 2015 has allowed me to spend more time in the studio than I usually manage. I spent the first part of 2016 developing work that will be the subject of a one-person exhibition somewhere in Northern Ireland in 2017. Prior to that, a six-week residency at the Creative Glass Center of America in November/December 2015 gave me the unique opportunity to work with colored glass bodies. As the final element of the grant proposal, I will spend a week on Murano this November (2016) in order to research historical models at the Museo de Vetrai and continue an ongoing professional dialogue with my old teachers and friends from that area.


I've always seen my work as an extension of an historical narrative that is about the material. It exists in relation to the long history of glass objects and embraces the techniques and traditions that enliven that history. The feeling of connection to past practice and to the heritage of glass motivates me as I seek to add to that ongoing conversation.